Strain CounterStrain Physical Therapy Treatments

Strain CounterStrain treatment involves finding tender points or trigger points in the muscles and gently positioning the body or affected area in a position of comfort, relieving tension and reducing pain.

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What Is Strain CounterStrain

Strain Counterstrain is a gentle and non-invasive technique that can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including muscle strains, joint dysfunction, myofascial pain syndrome, and postural imbalances. It is often combined with other manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises to optimize the treatment outcomes.

As with any manual therapy technique, Strain Counterstrain should be performed by a skilled and trained physical therapist who can accurately assess and apply the appropriate techniques based on the individual's condition and needs.

Strain CounterStrain Therapy

During Strain Counterstrain, the physical therapist will identify tender points by palpating the body and assessing for areas of increased sensitivity or pain. Once identified, the physical therapist will carefully position the body or affected area in a position that minimizes strain on the tender point, effectively reducing muscle tension and pain.

The technique aims to reset the muscle's resting length and restore normal muscle tone by providing relief from sustained muscle contraction or spasm. By allowing the muscle to relax in a more comfortable position, Strain Counterstrain promotes pain reduction, improved range of motion, and overall muscle relaxation.

If you believe Strain Counterstrain may be beneficial for your condition, it is recommended to consult with a physical therapist who can determine the suitability of this technique as part of your overall treatment plan. Contact us today to discuss your treatment plan.

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