Hot Laser Therapy

Hot laser therapy offers a comfortable warmth on the skin, distinct from discomfort. Its primary aim is to encourage tissue healing and regeneration while effectively addressing pain and inflammation. It can be likened to the focused warmth that a heating pad provides for pain relief, with the added benefit of penetrating deeper into tissues, hence its nickname: "deep tissue laser therapy." Schedule your session today!

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How Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy harnesses amplified and concentrated light energy. When it comes to pain treatment, you have three choices: hot laser therapy, cold laser therapy, or a blend of both hot and cold.

Difference Between Hot and Cold Laser Therapy

Hot laser therapy is distinct from cold laser therapy. Hot lasers generate heat and can penetrate tissues more profoundly, earning them the label "deep laser therapy." This makes them especially effective for addressing deep-seated pain like sciatica. Often, hot laser therapy can be followed by cold laser therapy in a contrast therapy approach, or they may be employed separately.

While hot lasers might be less suitable for pain exacerbated by heat, deep laser therapy is typically well-suited for most patients with pain or injuries. Conversely, cold lasers, known for their cooling sensation, are preferred for treating pain sensitive to cold temperatures.

Conditions Benefiting from Hot Laser Therapy

Individuals experiencing head and neck discomfort, as well as back pain resulting from conditions like herniated discs or sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or peripheral neuropathy, may find relief through hot laser therapy. Furthermore, it has demonstrated effectiveness in addressing injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Explore Hot Laser Therapy

Hot laser therapy offers its advantages, however, effectiveness depends on the individual's particular condition and desired outcomes. Consulting your physical therapist is crucial for determining whether hot laser therapy is a good option based on your specific medical condition. To learn more about the benefits of hot laser therapy, contact Stratton Rehabilitation Clinic today!