blog post preparing for your 1sr appt

Welcome to Stratton Rehabilitation! Please review the below FAQs to properly prepare for your first appointment.  We also included information on what to expect during your first physical therapy session.  Thank you for choosing Stratton Rehabilitation, we look forward to helping you become Stratton Strong!

prescriptionHow Do I Schedule an Appointment?

In order to secure your first appointment and receive treatment, we will need a referral  from your Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Chiropractor.

Referrals might also be obtained by an attending doctor at any urgent care facility.  We can still see you for an initial evaluation without a referral, however treatment cannot begin until we have a referral by your physician.  Once we receive your referral, we can schedule your appointment over the phone or you go to our website, click on the Appointments tab and schedule your appointment online.

What Do I bring to My First Appointment?

Please bring your driver’s license and insurance cards, if your insurance is Military/Tricare you will need to provide your military ID.  We also ask you to please provide a list of all medications you are currently taking, as well as, wear clothing you are comfortable moving around in, such as work out clothes.

New Patient Paperwork Options:mini-cv-outil-networking

1) Receive Paperwork via email.  If receiving digital documents  is easier for you, we can send you an email including all paperwork for you to fill out in advance to your appointment.

2) Fill Out Upon Arrival.  If you prefer to complete paperwork in our office, please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment.


What Happens Next?

Once your paper work is all filled out, one of our technicians will take your vitals (blood pressure, height, weight, and heart rate).  Next they will take you into an exam room and ask you a few more questions about your injury as a starting point for the physical therapist.

Then one of our physical therapists will walk you through your initial evaluation and develop a customized treatment plan, designed specifically for your needs. The physical therapist will break down exactly what to expect and take you through all aspects of your therapy plan, including providing you print outs of your home exercises and educational documents.


What Therapies are Provided During My Appointment?

Depending on your customized treatment plan, you could receive any of the following treatments:  Blood Flow Restriction, Functional Dry Needling, Kinesio Taping, Manual Therapy, Electrical Stimulation, Mechanical Traction, Hivamat, Strain Counter-Strain, Hot/Cold Therapy, Nintendo Wii, Iontophoresis, Cold Laser, Humac 360, Thermo Stim-Prob,  Phonophoresis, Ultrasound, Joint Manipulation, Postural Ergonomic Assessment, and Spinal Alignment, to name a few.

How Long Does a Physical Therapy Session Last?

Treatment times vary depending on your injury; however, a session is typically 60 to 90 minutes. Once your session is complete, a technician will walk you to the checkout counter where our front staff will assist you with scheduling your follow up appointments.

We pride ourselves on customizing every treatment to fit your specific needs and ensuring you see the same physical therapist during every visit.  Our goal is to help you conquer physical therapy journey! We look forward to seeing you at your first appointment.